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what value to place on waste as a commodity ?

Unlocking the Value of MSW

The Value of Municipal Solid Waste (garbage)

The OEC process unlocks the value of the MSW stream. Based on US EPA data and site specific waste characterizations, this value is US$100/ton or more.

This allows OEC to build facilities at our cost and share revenue with communities. It also brings job creation, new businesses and community involvement in the reuse of MSW.

Building Sustainable Communities

· 80%+ diversion from the landfill by “mining” the municipal solid waste (MSW) for recyclable commodities and organics.  Over two to four times the average removal of recyclables and valuable materials than typical recycling programs provide your community today.

· Process fully supported by leading environmental groups.

· Separate collection of recyclables and green waste is not required. For consumers, multi-family, and commercial properties only one bin is needed.

· Ability to act as a commercial recycling facility while producing renewable energy.

· Proven major Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) contractor constructs projects.

· The environmentally friendly OEC patent-pending waste removal process is performance guaranteed with third party performance bond.

· Facility can be located at a landfill, operating Materials Recycling Facility, transfer station or greenfield site to best suit the community.

· OEC personnel have an average of over 30 years of experience in solid waste handling, recycling, design, facility management and project development.

· Unlocking both the real commodity value of MSW and its potential value including job creation, new business possibilities and community education.

· Why pay to bury recyclable waste that represents a resource worth $100 per ton or more?

· Economic development is achieved through job creation, revenue sharing with the city and by reclaiming the value of the resources in the waste stream that are currently being buried.

· New businesses can build adjacent to the OEC facility to utilize recovered materials and manufacture new products, e.g. plastics to packaging, textile amendments and plastics to oil.  Wood is converted to new products like sustainable decking and building materials and much more.

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