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Bracing For A Toxic Winter

Updated on Sep 22, 2008 – SCMP

Here we go again. Another winter with terrible pollution.

I wonder if Chief Executive Donald Tsang Yam-kuen and the Environmental Protection Department could enlighten us as to why there is no significant change in the pollution levels.

I ask this because was not cleaning our air one of Mr Tsang’s main goals? Maybe he forgot.

However I did find a quote from his Action Blue Sky campaign: “Every small step taken by each individual to support the clean-air initiatives in our daily lives can help reduce air pollution.”

It seems as if this quote also applies to Mr Tsang’s approach to ridding our city of its pollution.

The EPD says too that it is taking vigorous steps to clean our air. Would the relevant authority tell us what these steps are?

From where I sit looking out my window all I see is grey hideous smog covering our city as usual.

Will it never change? I for one think not.

I do not think the powers that be really care.

Terry Scott, Sha Tin

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