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INCINERATOR: Council agrees to new groundbreaking recycling contract
INCINERATOR: Council agrees to new groundbreaking recycling contract

Published on Wednesday 5 December 2012 09:30

West Norfolk could be the best recycling district in the country after
councillors agreed a ground-breaking scheme in opposition to plans for a
waste incinerator.

Members of West Norfolk Council have voted to enter into a conditional
contract with Material Works to recycle the area’s rubbish from April
2014 – which will be an alternative to incineration.

This technology will turn 90 per cent of the area’s domestic and
commercial waste into wood replacement products to be used in the
construction and other industries.

Councillors agreed to go ahead with the scheme during a meeting on
Thursday – a day after the incinerator pre-inquiry.

Deputy leader Brian Long said: “This scheme moves the council to be one of
the biggest recycling authorities in the country.”

Before the vote, Valley Hill ward member Michael Tilbury asked for an
amendment to a clause which would allow the company to deal with waste
from other authorities.

Mr Tilbury voiced his support for the scheme but said parish councillors
had raised concerns about waste from elsewhere being sorted in West

He said: “We don’t want Norfolk County Council bringing wagon loads of
rubbish across the county to West Norfolk. If the waste is coming to a
West Norfolk facility does that make it any less offensive than if it is
brought to a county council facility? What we are doing here is entering
into an contract which will make ammunition for the other side to fire at
us in the inquiry.”

Mr Long stated that the proposal follows the proximity principle, which
deals with waste in the area where it is collected. He said that
additional facilities could be built in different authorities.

The council agreed to a recommendation which was passed at the meeting.


The company will sort all waste collected by the council including
domestic black sacks and any trade waste.

what will it mean for the ?Incinerator plans?

West Norfolk Council has put Norfolk County Council on notice that it will
no longer be sending black bin waste to the county for recycling. This
could make the proposed case for an incinerator near Lynn considerably
weaker as the town’s waste would not be sent to any future county council

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