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What Do You Think Of Air-Con Levels?

Updated on Aug 07, 2008 – SCMP

In the past, having an air conditioner was a luxury and only the affluent could afford them. Now they are a necessary part of our lives. Almost every family in Hong Kong has air cons.

I cannot imagine how I would endure the summer without air conditioners. I did not realise how important they were until the air con in my classroom broke down.

A lot of people turn their air conditioner lower than the temperature recommended by the government, 25.5 degrees Celsius. Sometimes, when I enter my classroom, it feels like a fridge and many of us have to wear jackets. This is a waste of electricity.

Global warming is a serious problem and is caused by many factors. Although car exhausts, factory emissions and deforestation are among the main culprits, we cannot ignore the effect that using air conditioners has on our environment.

Temperatures are gradually rising in Hong Kong and it is predicted that soon the cool months will disappear.

Global warming will see countries facing more extreme weather conditions. Floods, drought, typhoons and heat waves will happen more frequently.

If the water supply is affected, crop yields will drop and affect the food supply. We must all become more aware of the need for greater environmental protection. There must be more tree-planting initiatives and we can all do our bit by using more public transport, recycling and adjusting the temperature on our air conditioners.

Ruth Lam, Lam Tin

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