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China Daily story today

From: Doug Meigs []
Sent: 31 August, 2012 12:03
To: Martin Williams
Cc: Rosa Ma; James Middleton; David Wu; Basil Hui; Tom Hope
Subject: Re: China Daily story today – thanks for your help!


The China Daily video supplement was a bit delayed, but is now uploaded to the site and youtube now. Here’s a link: – with Martin and Patrick from SARDA

Thanks again!


On Fri, Aug 24, 2012 at 4:19 PM, Martin Williams <> wrote:

Hi Doug:

Many thanks for this info; much appreciated.

I’ve always figured Cheung Chau as being pretty much out of the loop as far as the Heung Yee Kuk goes; thinking of northwest and north New Territories as prime HKY areas [more associated with rice farming, I’d thought – maybe wrongly]

Still, very interesting to learn of this.

Bit like the Masons in Britain [especially], or something!?

– likewise, with some secrecy and involvement of business folk, all too easy to come up with conspiracy theories…

And yes, seems things had been going along as if the EPD incinerator itinerary would be followed nicely: trips to see incinerators, happy island “leaders” and so forth, along with professors [whose views may be influenced by their grants… ….]

Indeed true that EPD seems to have aimed for another incinerator; first get one at SKC with little opposition, say “Hey, this is fabulous”, and then try n railroad next one through at Tuen Mun, before then wondering where to put the next one [given so little effort into recycling etc]

Whether can get a genuine reconsideration, who knows; but as you’ve seen, I’ve circulated your article to a few people, hope it can help slow momentum {now behind the scenes] towards the SKC monster!’

All the best,


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On 24 Aug 2012, at 3:38 PM, Doug Meigs wrote:

Hello, here’s my story from today, about how and why Shek Kwu Chau’s resident rehab facility opposes the incinerator plan:

Thanks for all your help with this story. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to weave the trip-funding debacle into this feature because of deadline concerns and word-count. I will pay close attention to the issue.

Here’s some more info on the HKIDA – it was established in 1996 to ensure a stable handover to China, take an involvement in Islands District political, cultural and national issues… the HKIDA chairman Mr. Leung told me that rural committee chairmen of the islands district – i.e. Heung Yee Kuk folks – pay a “donation” in order to receive honorary board positions. That’s why there are so many Heung Yee Kuk folks in charge (Daniel Lam was the chairman off-and-on over the years). Last year they took a “study trip” to Zhuhai in relation to the Zhuhai-HK-Macau bridge. And last week they co-organized the Silvermine Beach festival. Mr. Leung said that Randy Yu just had to help out at the meeting Rosa observed as part of his duties with the organization. The goals/board of the HKIDA sound like a Heung Yee Kuk committee, but Leung said they are not affiliated despite the large number of members. They sound like an uber-nationalistic group, and I expect they are reluctant to take advise from a bunch of green foreign barbarians

It seems that either the HKIDA is part of a huge conspiracy for infrastructure jobs and/or to avoid putting the incinerator near the domain of Lau Wong Fat, Randy’s father-in-law… OR…  these HKIDA folks are simply uninformed about the alternatives. After all, Prof. Johnathan Wong has no faith in plasma arch technology, and he’s a key govt. advisor based on all his funding received.

My guess is that it’s a bit of both, along with a suspicion that it was Edward Yau and the EPD’s plan all along was to build in Shek Kwu Chau AND the Tsang Tsui spot.

If you find any more info to help substantiate the HKIDA and incinerator collusion, please share it with me.

Thanks again!


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