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WK Cultural Green Park

Dear friends of the Environment:

Hopefully this my last letter (sent herewith) to campaign for an environmental green park of Hong Kong.

Now, we have submitted our design (by Prof. K.P. Cheung and his students of HKU, School of Architecture) to the Town Planning Board to challenge the ill-designed plan (by Norman Forster) submitted by the HK Government.

The decision of the Town Planning Board shall be final.

I’m calling for all of you to champion for our proposal of a “cultural green park / cum underground transport and commercial hub” for Hong Kong.  Please don’t hesitate to let your voice heard to the new Chief Executive, Mr. C.Y. Leung, and his cabinet members.

Although, in comparison to those in-power, our group, H.K. Alternatives, have always been humble and meek in all the past seven years of our avocation for the course of a central green park of Hong Kong.  We have found it necessary to rise from the field on occasions, with our severe condemnation to those who are in charge.

We look forward to seeing the twilight with this new government, which seems to be consisting of more professionals than politicians.  Our proposal is calling for a long term development program starting at the WKCD site which will have major impact to the social, economical and environmental future of Hong Kong.  In comparison, the government proposal (based on the Foster design) is calling for a quick compromise with the existing property hegemony.  This is probably the first major decisions for Mr. C.Y. Leung to make, serving as the new Chief Executive of Hong Kong.

Best wishes to all, for good health and in harmony with nature!

And Cheers!

Prof. Ken Wai Kee Neng

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