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Granted Projects Emailing: 11-12

From: [ Behalf Of
Sent: 11 July, 2012 12:14
Subject: Granted Projects Emailing: 11-12
Dear Mr Middleton,

I refer to your email of 18 June 2012.

The information provided by applicants of ECF is for vetting of projects by the relevant vetting subcommittee (budget within $2 million) and the ECF Committee (budget over $2 million).  Under the existing practice, only for projects of larger scale (i.e. with budget over $2 million) that are submitted to the ECF Committee will the relevant meeting document be uploaded to the ECF website.

The approved budget for the project “Islands Waste Reduction Plan” is about $1.6 million and so was considered by the Environmental Education and Community Action Projects Vetting Subcommittee.  Budget detials of applications are only provided to the vetting subcommittee for vetting purpose and would not be disclosed to third parties under the prevailing practice.  As requested in your email, please find enclosed a summary of the project “Islands Waste Reduction Plan” for your information.

Yours sincerely,
ECF Secretariat

“James Middleton” <>

18/06/2012 08:40

To <>
Subject Granted Projects  Emailing: 11-12

Dear Sir,

We are able to find the detailed funding proposal for the Lohas / Cheung Chau project as attached.

However we cannot find any like detailed funding proposal breakdown for the Islands Waste Reduction Plan shown below.

Please send us a copy of the funding request breakdown or the link to same.

Kind regards,

James Middleton


23. Tai Po Environmental Association Limited LOHAS Cheung Chau $9,992,520.00
24. Tung Wah Group of Hospitals (TWGHs) TWGHs To Move Towards A Green Organization – Green Education and Publicity Programmes for TWGHs Staff, Service Recipients and Public $249,000.00
25. Think For Union The Green Life Journey $382,700.00
26. Hong Kong Islands District Association Islands Waste Reduction Plan $1,607,648.00

Env and Conserv Fund minutes inc LOHAS Cheung Chau


Latest Project Status of 1323_3.7.2012

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