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esb250 Runway Expansion proposal – additional information

Transparency and timing

Readers following the third-runway saga will be aware that the initial project profile of the Airport Authority, which sets out what is to be considered in its environmental impact assessment (EIA), was sent back to it with a request for more information. The authority announced yesterday that it had submitted further information.

“We welcome close monitoring of the EIA by all concerned stakeholders and members of the public,” Kevin Poole, the authority’s deputy director, projects, said in a statement. “We are firmly committed to carrying it out in a highly transparent and engaging manner.” A few eyebrows were raised at the announcement’s timing – just before a long weekend.

Here is the link for everyone – the ‘further information’ window dressing file esb250.pdf from the link is attached herewith: it fails to address major points many of us raised in the previous EIA consultation such as the Arup report warning on increased NOx and all the new incinerators being built a few kilometers away across the border in Shenzhen.

Download PDF : esb250

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