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Teflon man SCMP Lai See    20 June 2012

We see that Edward Yau Tang-wah, the former secretary for the environment, has landed another government job as director of the chief executive’s office. Although well-flagged, it is still shocking that someone who performed so badly can waltz into another job.

Jim Middleton, chairman of Clear the Air, put it more strongly: “Normally, someone who totally failed in his job and visited overseas 59 times in 60 months at public expense whilst his portfolio, the local stagnant stinking air and environment worsened, should be fired.”

Description: Edward Yau sits in Legco.

One wonders how this happened. Was there a deal? Yau was assured that if he just sat there for five years and did nothing at the Environment Bureau, Donald Tsang Yam-kuen would explain things to his successor to ensure Yau wasn’t slung out of the government?

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