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E(12/1466) Euro 6 subsidy by Dutch Govt (HKG still has Euro II and III polluting bus trash on its roads)

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Sent: 26 June, 2012 09:18
To: James Middleton
Subject: Fw: E(12/1466) Euro 6 subsidy by Dutch Govt (HKG still has Euro II
and III polluting bus trash on its roads)

Dear Mr. Middleton,

Thank you for your suggestion.

As franchised buses are one of the major sources of roadside air pollution
at busy corridors, in the 2010-11 Policy Address the Chief Executive
announced that the Government plans to designate pilot low-emission zones
(LEZs) in busy districts such as Causeway Bay, Central and Mong Kok. We
will increase as far as possible the ratio of low-emission franchised buses
running in these zones from 2011, with the target of having only
low-emission buses in these zones by 2015.  Upon the Government’s request,
the relevant franchised bus companies have deployed low-emission buses to
routes serving the pilot LEZs as far as practicable since 2011.

As regards the trial of hybrid bus, in the 2010-11 Policy Address, the
Chief Executive announced that the Government will fund the full cost of
procuring six hybrid buses for use by the franchised bus companies along
busy corridors to test the operational efficiency and performance of these
buses under Hong Kong conditions and to collect operational data.  The
franchised bus companies are now in the process of procuring suitable
hybrid buses and the buses will be put on road for trial in early 2014.

Electric buses do not have tailpipe emissions.  Replacing conventional
franchised buses with electric buses can substantially improve roadside air
quality, particularly along busy corridors.  It is the Government’s
ultimate policy objective to have zero emission buses running across the
territory.  Further to trial of hybrid buses, the Chief Executive proposed
in his Policy Address last October to earmark $180 million for franchised
bus companies to purchase 36 electric buses for trial runs on a number of
routes to assess their performance in different conditions.  We are now
seeking funding from the Finance Committee of the Legislative Council for
the trial of electric buses by the franchised bus companies.

As for existing buses, the Government is conducting a trial together with
the franchised bus companies on retrofitting Euro II and III franchised
buses with selective catalytic reduction devices to reduce their nitrogen
oxides emissions.  Together with the diesel particulate filters already
installed on the buses, this could upgrade the emission performance of the
buses to the level of Euro IV or V buses.  Subject to satisfactory trial
results, we will fully fund the retrofit of the devices on Euro II and III
buses, and bus companies will bear the subsequent operational and
maintenance costs.

Thank you for your concern on the environment.


Charles C.K. WU

Environmental Protection Officer

—– Forwarded by Paul KC WONG/EPD/HKSARG on 20/06/2012 09:31 —–

“James Middleton”    <>      To
19/06/2012 19:17                 <>
Subject    RE: E(12/1466) Euro 6   subsidy by Dutch Govt (HKG
still has Euro II and III
polluting bus trash on its roads)

Dear Paul
that is the wrong way round
Government could stipulate clean air zones for Nathan Rd , Central and
Causeway Bay very quickly, with political will, sadly lacking from this
lame duck administration and current pathetic minister for the

Make the law and the bus companies will comply, as simple as that, even
Donald Tsang’s brother at Citybus NWFB would  have to comply once his
brother vacates in 11 days and the new Minister actually does some work
instead of 60 overseas trips in 59 months away from Hong Kong, including
his last jaunt to Europe to visit a Scottish distillery with associated
hangers on , trips paid for from the public purse.

Meanwhile testing electric buses is pointless for HK’s terrain and aircon
needs – we need double deck hybrids like London where the small Euro 5
engine and the brakes charge the batteries.


From: []
Sent: 19 June, 2012 17:07
Cc: “E[KM]1″; “SI[KM]1″;
Subject: Fw: E(12/1466) Euro 6 subsidy by Dutch Govt (HKG still has Euro II
and III polluting bus trash on its roads)

Dear Mr. Middleton

Thank you for your email.

When we tighten the vehicle emission standards in Hong Kong, we will make
reference to the international practice and the availability of compliant
vehicle models in Hong Kong. Starting from June 2012, all newly registered
heavy duty vehicles including franchised buses in Hong Kong are required to
comply with Euro V emission standards. The European Union will implement
the Euro VI emission standards for heavy duty vehicle in phases starting
from 2013 and fully implement in 2014.  At the moment, there is no Euro VI
heavy duty vehicle available in Hong Kong. We will continue to monitor the
Euro VI vehicle model supply situation in Hong Kong and decide to introduce
the Euro VI emission standards in Hong Kong as soon as possible.

For franchised buses, as the latest commercially available models in Hong
Kong are Euro V buses at this stage, the franchised bus companies are
currently procuring Euro V buses for replacement.

Paul Wong
Assistant Environmental Protection Officer

—– Forwarded by EPD_Enquiry/EPD/HKSARG on 14/06/2012 14:48 —–


Dear James Middleton,

Thank you for your email dated 13.06.2012.

I would like to inform you that our colleagues are processing your request
and may need a few more days to come back to you.

Please let me know if you do not hear from us after about 5 working days.
Thank you.

Yours sincerely,
Environmental Protection Department

“James Middleton” <>

13/06/2012 19:52                “EPD HKG” <>
E(12/1466) Euro 6 subsidy by Dutch Govt
(HKG still has Euro II and III polluting
bus trash on its roads)

Dear EPD,

We note that replacement buses in Hong Kong under franchise agreements must
be of the Best Available Current Technology.

Does Hong Kong have Euro 6 diesel ?

Are new diesel buses here mandated to be Euro 6 compliant, given the
projected lifetime of the vehicles  ?

If not why not ?

Yours sincerely,
James Middleton

Dutch subsidy for Euro VI trucks and buses In the Netherlands, heavy-duty
vehicles(trucks and buses) that meet the new Euro VI standards will be
subsidised by up to 4500 euro each in 2012 and 2013.
The Euro
VI standards will become mandatory for all new heavy-duty vehicles from
Tests by the Dutch environment consultancy TNO have shown that the new Euro
VI engines can reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) by more than
90 per cent in real driving conditions, as compared to Euro V and earlier
Eurostandard engines.
Source: Dutch government press release, 30 May 2012.

“The sulphur content of ship fuels will be cut to 0.1% from 2015 in the
Baltic Sea and the North

Sea, and to 0.5% from 2020 in other EU waters. As a result, emissions of
sulphur dioxide

from shipping in Europe will come down by more than 80 per cent.”

Hong Kong has no rules governing the use of  bunker fuel which varies
between 2.75 – 4+% sulphur ,

no Emissions Control Area legislation (ECA).

The local HKG Environmental Prevarication Department  passes the
responsibility to China to enact ECA legislation in Hong Kong waters

leaving only volunteer action by the Fairwinds Charter members to burn Low
Sulphur Diesel at anchor in HKG port.  Yet vehicular ULSD is rightly

limited to parts per million.

31% of HKG’s particulates and 25% of local NOx and Sox come from marine

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