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Waste disposal

yet biology professor JWC Wong is leading, at public subvented expense, a trip to Taiwan to see…………… incinerators


Waste Disposal Act,

Mandatory recycling


Currently there are 24 incinerators operating in

Taiwan, and they receive 60 percent of the nation’s

municipal solid waste and 40 percent of its industrial

waste. Nonetheless, since 2004 the incinerators have

been facing a shortage of materials to burn as well

as problems due to community complaints about the

emissions. The three incinerators in Taipei had

to cut their operations by half, at least partly

because there were not enough materials to


Furthermore, the government promotion of

ash “recycling” in construction and pavement work

represents a serious environmental liability in Taiwan,

given that many toxics remain in those ashes. Since

many companies are not willing to use the ash in their

own pavement, and there is not enough storage space,

the ash is often spread in places like farms, posing a

huge environmental threat.

Thanks to the community’s passionate

resistance to waste incineration, Taiwan has not fully

implemented its original plan to build many new

burners, and the amount of waste incinerated in the

country has remained fairly constant since 2002.

Download PDF : On the Road to Zero Waste

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