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Poor track record on air pollution

SCMP – 19 June 2012

Hong Kong’s leaders have promised cleaner air to little or no effect.

Promises are made and routinely broken, and the people of this city suffer in consequence.

A government exists for the benefit of the people, not itself; it is supposed to protect its citizens.

How is it that London, Paris, New York and Rome have reduced air pollution to levels below the World Health Organisation’s recommendations yet Hong Kong could not manage it?

Why does it use an air pollution index based on 20-year-old air quality objectives?

Incentives to change behaviour don’t work, only tough and uncompromising laws will.

The administration must stop backpedalling on laws designed to improve air quality.

Our leaders should be ashamed for what they have allowed to happen to our amazing city.

Randall van der Woning, Tai Po

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