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Riot fear if prisoners are kept awake by incinerator

Riot fear if prisoners are kept awake by incinerator

Robert James
Scottish Express
June 17, 2012

PRISON bosses were under fire last night after claiming pampered inmates
could riot if their sleep is disturbed by a new green energy plant.

The Scottish Prison Service is objecting to a plan to build a new waste
incinerator in Perth, which is currently being considered by Scottish

Yesterday, it emerged that former Perth Prison governor Kate Donegan had
warned that noise from the complex would lead to “concerted

She said: “The thrum of machinery from a 24-hour waste dumping, movement
and incineration operation will cause noise pollution, particularly at

“This will disturb sleep and cause prisoners to complain and potentially
become involved in concerted indiscipline in support of these complaints.

“As governor, I will have absolutely no means of addressing the noise and
odour pollution issues which will leave me in a completely untenable
position from an operational control perspective.”

Although her objections are from 2009, they only emerged yesterday in a
letter to the Scottish Government’s Directorate for Planning and
Environmental Appeals.

It is considering an appeal from Grundon Waste Management against Perth
and Kinross Council’s decision to refuse the application.

The company insists that convicted criminals serving time in Perth Prison
should not be given the same rights as ordinary residents.

Apart from the prisoners, the closest homes to the waste-toenergy plant
would be more than 200 metres away.

However, the Prison Service is adamant the prison should be considered
and that inmates have as much right to a good night’s sleep as anybody
else. It states: “The prison is home to some 633 plus inmates at any one
time. C Block, which houses some 350 inmates, is only 40 to 60 metres
away from the site.”

The objection adds: “The potential impacts are not just related to
residential amenity, but also to prisoner welfare and security and
management of the prison.”

Grundon Waste Management, which is based in Slough, Berkshire, saw its
plan rejected in February. The proposal has caused anger in Perth, with
some campaigners branding the incinerator a “smoke belching monstrosity”
and raising fears over city centre pollution.

However, the firm insists that the noise levels for Perth Prison would
only be “slight/moderate”.

It states: “The proposed development would not result in any unacceptable
noise effects of any noise sensitive receptors, including inmates at
Perth Prison.”

Scottish Conservative chief whip John Lamont said the planning
directorate must not give “undue prominence” to the concerns of
prisoners. He added: “People already think prisoners have a comfortable
life. The prospect of them dictating planning decisions takes that to a
whole new level.

“Even if people do miss out on sleep for one reason or another, quite why
it should result in rioting is beyond me. If that is a risk, perhaps
those wishing to riot should be dealt with more severely.

“I hope the planning authorities see sense and don’t give this concern
undue prominence.”

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