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Particulate Emissions from Diesel-Fueled Engines as a Toxic Air Contaminant

The staffs of the Air Resources Board (ARB or Board) and the Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) have been evaluating diesel exhaust since 1989 under California’s air toxics program, for potential identification as a toxic air contaminant (TAC). A draft report was first released in June 1994, for public review and comment. A revised draft report was released in May 1997. A third draft report was report released for public review in February 1998. The February 1998 report was formally reviewed and approved by the Scientific Review Panel (SRP) at its April 22, 1998, meeting.

The final report and a staff report are available in our “formal” rulemaking activity referenced below.

Fact Sheets

  • ·        Notice of Public Availability of Modified Text (PDF – 4K)
  • ·        Resolution 98-35 (PDF – 20K)

o   Attachment A: Scientific Review Panel Chairman’s Cover Letter and Panel Findings on Proposed Identification of Diesel Exhaust as a Toxic Air Contaminant

§  SRP Chairman’s Cover Letter (PDF – 6K) and

§  The SRP Findings of Diesel Exhaust (PDF – 33K)

o   Attachment B: Proposed Regulation Order (PDF – 7K)

  • ·        Cover Letter (PDF – 10K)
  • ·        Public Hearing Notice(PDF – 18K)
  • ·        Staff Report: Initial Statement of Reasons (PDF – 111K), which summarizes the scientific basis for the proposed regulation and includes a discussion of the environmental and economic impacts of the proposal.

o   Appendix I: (Proposed Regulation Order) (Staff Report)

o   Appendix II: (Findings of the SRP) (Staff Report) and

o   Appendix III: (SRP-Approved Version) of the:

§  Executive Summary (PDF – 152K)

§  Part A (Exposure Assessment) (PDF – 594K)

§  Part B (Health Risk Assessment for Diesel Exhaust) (PDF – 1,995K)

§  Part C (Responses to Comments)

June 1994 Comment Period

ARB (PDF – 45K)
OEHHA (PDF – 573K)

May 1997 Comment Period

ARB (PDF – 37K)

(pp. 1-154) (PDF – 539K)
(pp. 155-231) (PDF – 252K)

February 1998 Comment Period

ARB (PDF – 91K)
OEHHA (PDF – 359K)

Part A, prepared by the ARB staff, is an evaluation of emissions of, and exposure to, diesel exhaust. Part B, prepared by the OEHHA staff, assesses the health effects of diesel exhaust. Part C consists of copies of the public comments received on the June 1994, May 1997, and February 1998 draft reports, and the ARB / OEHHA staff responses. Because of the size and format of the comment letters as well as the Appendices to Part A, they were not included on this page. Part A Appendices and Part C (public comment letters) are available by contacting Kathy Spring at (916) 323-3485

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