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New Gothenburg Protocol adopted


“The sulphur content of ship fuels will be cut to 0.1% from 2015 in the Baltic Sea and the North

Sea, and to 0.5% from 2020 in other EU waters. As a result, emissions of sulphur dioxide

from shipping in Europe will come down by more than 80 per cent.”

Hong Kong has no rules governing the use of  bunker fuel which varies between 2.75 – 4+% sulphur ,

no Emissions Control Area legislation (ECA).

The local HKG Environmental Prevarication Department  passes the responsibility to China to enact ECA legislation in Hong Kong waters

leaving only volunteer action by the Fairwinds Charter members to burn Low Sulphur Diesel at anchor in HKG port.  Yet vehicular ULSD is rightly

limited to parts per million.

31% of HKG’s particulates and 25% of local NOx and Sox come from marine emissions.


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