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Government to curb worst sources of pollution in Macau

The result of a public consultation conducted on Macau’s 2010/2020 Environmental Protection Plan will be revealed within two months. “We are arranging the opinions of different sectors”, explained Cheong Sio Kei, Director of the Environmental Protection Bureau (DSPA) during a press conference held yesterday in occasion of the “2012 Macau Environmental Week”.
Cheong Sio Kei did not reveal the date for a final report, which includes measures that the government will take. When questioned about the plans the Government will carry out in light of the most recent report on the environment that shows deteriorating figures, the Director said they are studying new measures together with a science institution in South China. “We are going to work together with competent authorities in order to reinforce the quality of the environment and we are studying the establishment of maximum figures concerning the worst sources of pollution in Macau.” Cheong also stressed that after having defined the limit of exhaust fumes for motorbikes in 2008, the maximum quantity of exhaust fumes for cars in Macau is being analyzed. Therefore, DSPA is working together with the Transport Bureau. The criteria for “eco-vehicles” have already been published on the DSPA website. “We are not entitled to define a limit for the number of cars circulating in Macau”, Cheong said, “but we think that through the elimination of vehicles that are producing a high amount of pollution, we can contribute to the control of the number of cars.” The DSPA is also studying the use of electric cars in Macau.
Cheong mentioned the work is being carried out in conjunction with Zhuhai authorities in order to tackle pollution at the Canal dos Patos. In addition to the regulation of exhaust fumes, Cheong thinks there should be an independent consultation to analyze construction works that are established in natural areas.
The DSPA Director presented activities organized for the “2012 Macau Environmental Week” that will take place between June 3rd and 9th in order to commemorate “World Environment Day” on June 3rd. In collaboration with several governmental departments and associations from the cities and regions of Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Zhongshan, Zhuhai, Shengzhen and Dongguan, DSPA is organizing activities on Tap SeacSquare that aim at promoting the “reduction of waste at the source”.
The activities include a range of events related to daily life. The aim is to inspire the citizens to include environmental protection into their daily routine. According to research from 2011 on Macau citizens’ knowledge on environmental protection, the participation in environmental protection measures “was too low”.

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