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Al Fayed says incinerator hazardous to public health

Published on Thursday 7 June 2012 03:43

Tycoon Mohamed Al Fayed yesterday branded a multi-million-pound incinerator planned next to his Highland estate a danger to public health.

As a public inquiry into the proposal for the £43 million waste plant in Invergordon started, the former Harrods owner claimed the development would be playing “Russian roulette” with the health of the community.

A Scottish government- appointed official is holding the hearing in Invergordon.

The project’s developer, Combined Power and Heat (Highlands) Ltd, and opponents of the plans will give evidence.

The government gave the proposals planning permission in 2010, but landowner Mr Al Fayed’s Ross Estates appealed against the approval, prompting the public inquiry.

The opponents recently received an assurance from the reporter that health and air quality will be included in the inquiry.

Mr Al Fayed, who owns Balnagown Estate, said: “The inquiry is good news for anyone who cares about the health of the people who live inInvergordon and its extensive surrounding area.

“I never had any doubt that the issue of air pollution and its effect on public health had to be considered by a Public Local Inquiry in order that the reporter would be able to hear all the relevant evidence.

“The potential damage from this waste-burning incinerator in the heart of a residential area cannot be exaggerated.

“I have already commissioned a study by a leading authority in such matters, a professor at the University of Surrey, and it is clear beyond doubt from his report that it would be playing Russian roulette with public health were permission granted for this monstrous rubbish-burner on the banks of the Cromarty Firth.

“It is vital that local people resist an unwelcome scheme, designed only to make somebody rich.”

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