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Technology Partner for Sundrop’s Waste to Gasoline Facility

25 May 2012

Gasification based biofuel specialist, company Sundrop Fuels has entered a partnership with technology and engineering supplier ThyssenKrupp Uhdefor what it claimed will be the first commercial scale ‘green gasoline’ production facility in the U.S.

Colorado based Sundrop said that its inaugural plant near Alexandria, Louisiana, will yield up to 50 million gallons (190 million litres) of renewable gasoline annually while also serving as proving ground for its proprietary biomass conversion technologies that will be used for future large-scale facilities.

The company said that it will convert sustainable forest residues and thinnings, combined with natural gas into bio-based green gasoline by using a production process that integrates gasification, gas purification, methanol synthesis and a methanol-to-gasoline (MTG) process.

According to Sundrop its biofuel is ready for immediate use in today’s combustion engines and will be delivered to the marketplacevia the nation’s existing fuels distribution infrastructure. The company’s first production plant will have a capacity of about 3500 barrels of renewable gasoline per day.

As a key element to its first facility, Sundrop said that it will deploy ThyssenKrupp Uhde’s High Temperature Winkler (HTW) gasification process, coupled with other well-established technologies for gas cleanup, methanol synthesis, and the MTG conversion.

Within the plant the company said that it will demonstrate its proprietary process for biomass conversion incorporating the company’s patented RP Reactor?, an ultra high temperature technology that is claimed to generate the highest fuel energy yield per ton of biomass of any biofuels process available.

Sundrop said that it plans to follow its first facility with larger-scale fuels plants producing nearly 300 million gallons (1135 million litres) annually, with a combined production capacity of more than one billion gallons by 2020 – a significant%age of the cellulosic advanced biofuels goal set by the U.S.’s Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS).

The company said that it expects construction to start on the facility later this year.
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