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Pollution detector trial for London

Description: Scientists will be able to monitor pollution levels across whole cities with the technology

A new invention by British scientists designed to scan pollution levels across whole cities will be trialled in London during the Olympics.

Experts say CityScan is capable of pinpointing nitrogen dioxide levels across a whole range of space rather than in just one or two specified areas.

The technology works by light measurement, and studies the way chemicals in the atmosphere scatter sunlight as opposed to scanning each air particle individually.

Scientists will be able to monitor pollution levels in the city and then transfer the findings onto a map. It is likely the findings could have an impact on the type of car people may choose next, but going for a greener model can also help you secure a cheaper car insurance deal as well as helping the environment.

Dr Roland Leigh, from the University of Leicester’s Earth Observation Science Group, and project leader, said: “We will be able to map the pollution in 3D to show emissions of nitrogen dioxide and how far they spread.

“Traditional sensors take in a single-point measurement, giving a very accurate measurement that might be by a roadside.

“Between two or three CityScan instruments … can map out a complete urban area and tell you where the nitrogen dioxide is in that space,” he explained.

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