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Residential Recycling Launched In Sharjah

Clear the Air says:

Wow , the Bedouins can do what HK has failed to achieve !

Maybe Edward Yau should have got on his camel the UAE instead of jetting off to Europe ?

Monday, February 6, 2012.

On February 6th, 2012, Bee’ah & the Sharjah City Municipality will launch the phased roll-out of residential recycling in Sharjah.

The programme will be launched during a press conference that will be held at the Chamber of Commerce in Sharjah. The event is expected to host all members of the media as well as VIPs and influencers. During the event, Bee’ah will showcase its new fleet, bins, and operational roll-out plan.

Residential recycling will be rolled out in the Emirate of Sharjah, starting from the key low-rise sectors in Sharjah (sector 5) and then phasing into other sectors. The recycling program will entail the distribution and installation of around 2,000 pairs of new color coded plastic bins designated for recyclables and general waste, and will be coupled with new routes that optimize the distribution and collection efficiency of Tandeef.

In addition to the distribution of the new recycling bins, the residents of each sector  will receive door-to-door training on how to use these bins and a kit that contains a number of different awareness-raising tools.

Public spaces and outdoor media will also be utilized in order to spread the message that residential recycling is now available in Sharjah within each given sector. This will include flags, banners at the co-ops, posters in schools, and other touch points

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