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Tsang has poor track record

SCMP letter May 2, 2012

Robert Lang said Hong Kong people should focus on the “good decisions” Donald Tsang Yam-kuen made during his time as chief executive, but he failed to list what they were (“Chief’s perks of office well deserved”, April 27).

Leung Chun-ying, our leader-in-waiting, is already in the news for various reasons, ranging from his personal wealth to glimpses of what we might expect to see from him as chief executive.

However, it already seems confidence in Mr Leung is high, as are the expectations of the people of Hong Kong.

Mr Leung will not have very big boots to fill so it would seem all the right ingredients are there, but it remains to be seen whether they will be mixed into a government that listens to what people want instead of just doing things, regardless.

The incinerator which was proposed for Shek Kwu Chau is a good example of bad government policy.

The debacle over this planned project goes on. Thankfully, it has been stopped in its tracks for the time being, largely because of pressure from the residents of Lantau, the general public and various concern groups – a job well done by all.

However, the burning question is how this cheap, outdated method of incineration got on the drawing board in the first place.

There are much cleaner and more efficient methods available that produce energy in the process (gasification) and there are also more suitable locations for such a waste facility.

If we do end up with an incinerator (very likely, given that we are a throwaway society), would the government consider land reclamation further south, into the South China Sea, so no one needs to be concerned about exhaust fumes from the plant? Shek Wu Chau is not the right place for an incinerator of any kind for reasons we are all aware of.

Andrew Maxwell, Sai Kung

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