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Tsang pledges to ‘listen humbly’ to public


the unelected Functional puppets in Legco’s system saved Tsang’s arse ! (there is no collusion between Big Business and our current Administration – HAH !)

Tsang also promised , on air on RTHK CE Talkin in October 2011 –

to Professor Hedley that the AQOs would be enacted before the end of his term

to another caller that he would speak to his FS that ESF fees should have a tax break





What happened to malfeasance in public office investigations against Tsang and Henry the basement philanderer ?

Tsang pledges to ‘listen humbly’ to public
Chief executive vows to complete cabinet restructuring
Tanna Chong
1:17pm, Apr 20, 2012

Chief Executive Donald Tsang Yam-kuen vowed on Friday to work rapidly, to complete a cabinet restructuring suggested by the incoming leader, before the current government’s term ends at the end of June.

He also promised to “listen humbly” to the public, in the wake of surviving a confidence vote in the Legislative Council on Thursday. Speaking to the media at the government headquarters in Admiralty, Tsang said: “I respect the chief executive-elect’s thoughts on restructuring the cabinet and will accommodate that procedurally. I hope to finish the work before July 1.”

Chief executive-elect Leung Chun-ying’s policy platform called for recruiting aides for both the chief secretary and the financial secretary, to take charge of population policies and innovative industries. The Commerce and Economic Development Bureau is to be split into a Commerce and Tourism Bureau and an Information and Technology Bureau, while a new Cultural Bureau will be established.

“We will help Leung to draft the1 legislative amendments … the secretary for justice has been informed and is speeding up the subsidiary legislation works,” said Tsang.

Tsang called on Leung to familiarise the various stakeholders with the new power structure. “The chief executive-elect and his team of political appointees have to fully explain their rationale to the public, lawmakers and the media,” said Tsang. Also, Leung’s restructuring proposal has to be reported to the central government and approved by both the Executive Council and the Legislative Council.

As for the vote of confidence, Tsang said: “I will listen humbly to all the opinions raised by the public and remember firmly to remind myself to do my best the remaining work. I will correct [any mistakes] and strive to improve.”

The non-binding motion, raised by Civic Party lawmaker Tanya Chan, was defeated 4-11 in the functional constituencies despite passing in the geographical constituencies 14-7.

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