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Improving Hong Kong

Little to show for more pay

Updated on Jun 23, 2008 – SCMP

I appreciate the work of legislator Albert Cheng King-hon and hope he runs again in the upcoming election as he often takes the government to task, which so few do in the Legislative Council. But his suggestion that legislators’ pay packages should be HK$380,000 a month is ludicrous.

Can Mr Cheng explain why he feels that a Hong Kong legislator should make more than the US president or British prime minister?

Could Mr Cheng explain what he and his fellow legislators have done recently to improve Hong Kong? We know what hasn’t been done: no idling-engine ban; no road pricing; no central slaughterhouse; no solution to our landfill problems; no improvement in air pollution; and no comprehensive recycling system, to name but a few.

Terry Scott, Sha Tin

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