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Høst turns wastes into profits

In Hong Kong most biogas production emanates from the current ENB and Chief Executive Offices where there seems to be an ample supply of feedstock


Accountability for industrial and organic waste was not a high priority for companies in the past as it is today. Understanding the critical need for conservation and preservation measures, waste treatment specialist Høst works hand-in-hand with the private and public sectors to help the environment back on its feet.

Instead of letting wastes decompose in landfills or burn in incinerators, Host uses technology to transform waste into valuable resources such as fertilisers, biogas and electricity.

“Organic waste is a problem for the environment. But if treated the right way, it can improve the environment and it is also possible to profit from it,” says Torleiv Næss Ugland, Høst managing director.

Aiming to spread the advantages of waste treatment outside Norway, Høst works with companies with strong international networks such as consulting and trading company Shincon.

“The world is getting smaller and smaller. Everything that is happening in one country can have a global impact so we need to address mounting environmental problems,” Ugland says.

Seeing as how the mainland is an important manufacturing hub for companies globally, Høst has established Norminor, a joint-venture company with Shincon, to help the mainland in waste treatment and management.

Høst also partnered with the Yunnan Circular Economy Investment (YCEI) to establish Yunnan Sino-Norway Bioengineering, a joint-venture company focused on the production of biogas and branded mineral organic fertilisers based on solid waste from the waste treatment plants owned by YCEI and animal manure from industrial farms.

With plans to establish four treatment plants by next year, and 30 by 2015 on the mainland, Høst also aims to apply the same strategy to the rest of Asia. “We are open to partnerships with companies from all kinds of industries with by-products. We offer our expertise to turn trash into cash,” Ugland says.

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