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Banker – ‘I Am Leaving Hong Kong Explicitly Because Of The Air’

‘I am leaving Hong Kong explicitly because of the air’, Alex Turnbull, an Australian banker told Bloomberg. He plans a move to Singapore in May.

Sandwiched between the Asian headquarters of JPMorgan Chase and a Tiffany outlet, the air-quality meter in the Central business district has registered an average roadside pollution level of ‘high’ or ‘very high’ every day bar one this year.

In 1999, 66 percent of days were at those levels. By 2010 and 2011, it was more than 90 percent. Today in Central the roadside reading was 70, and 89 in the Causeway Bay shopping district, government data show.

‘It is such a shame as Hong Kong is an incredibly beautiful place the 10 days a year when you actually realize that the tree-lined hills are dark green and not a washed out gray-green color’, said Alexander West, founder of hedge fund Blue Pool Capital.

To read the full Bloomberg article, please access via the link below:

Hong Kong as Dirtiest Financial Center Is Tsang’s Legacy

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