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Motor Vehicle Idling (Fixed Penalty) Ordinance

Clear the Air say: April Fools’ Day joke-

Utterly useless waste of time Environmental Prevarication Dept

Why does Edward Yau still have a job ?

“The Environmental Protection Department (EPD) has reminded drivers that the Motor Vehicle Idling (Fixed Penalty) Ordinance will come into operation on Thursday (December 15).”

So as at 1st April 2012,  in 108 days since the engine idling law took effect the HK EPD and Traffic wardens have issued ZERO fixed penalty engine idling notices.

From: []
Sent: 31 March, 2012 10:28
To: James Middleton
Subject: Re: Statistics
Dear Mr. Middleton,

Apart from the enforcement conducted by the traffic wardens during their normal patrol duty, we have conducted 107 pre-planned enforcement and publicity operations since the implementation of the Motor Vehicle Idling (Fixed Penalty) Ordinance in December 2011.  In general, the drivers are co-operative and so far no Fixed Penalty Notices have been issued. We will continue our extensive publicity and education programmes throughout Hong Kong to promote the message of switching off idling engines and encourage drivers to take up the green driving habit.

Environmental Protection Department

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