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These are the Chinese newspapers reported the JR case. The first and the fifth article (The Sun and Oriental Daily) belong to the same group mentioned Tsang’s likely collusion with the developers in the first and the last paragraph.



Kwok suspected that Tsang’s original retirement plan was to live in Futian, and the other site is coincidentally located in Tsang Tsui near Futian. If the incinerator were to be built in TT, this might affect Tsang’s new home and the interest of the developers. The EPD might have colluded with the developers.



Kwok continued to point out that when the EPD was making decision between SKC and TT, they claimed that the incinerator would not cause pollution. However, their reason for rejecting TT was that it would further pollute TT. This contradicted their original claim.

太陽 – 20120304 – 石鼓洲建焚化爐市民覆核

成報 – 20120304 – 司法覆核求擱置建焚化爐

成報 – 20120304 – 唐梁何環保論壇首過招 跨區整治有共識 建焚化爐分歧大

文匯 – 20120304 – 長洲坊會主席入稟 反環署建焚化爐

新報 – 20120304 – 石鼓洲填海建垃圾焚化爐 老翁恐污染入稟阻興建

明報 – 20120304 – 倡建焚化爐 台下報噓聲 論壇首同台 唐得分遠遜梁何

明報 – 20120304 – 唐談廢物 台下斥:你咪係囉

明報 – 20120304 – 石鼓洲建焚化爐長洲居民提覆核

星島 – 20120304 – 唐噓聲中堅持建焚化爐

星島 – 20120304 – 石鼓洲建焚化爐 長洲居民申覆核

東方 – 20120304 – 反對焚化爐 居民提覆核

頭條 – 20120304 – 郭卓堅入稟反石鼓洲建焚化爐

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