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Xi could indicate choice for next CE

A local delegate to China’s top political advisory body, Lew Mon-hong, says he believes the vice president Xi Jinping will indicate tomorrow who he thinks should be the next chief executive of Hong Kong.

Mr Xi, who’s been tipped to become President next year, is expected to meet local delegates to the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference in Beijing tomorrow afternoon. Mr Lew said most election committee members would vote for the candidate chosen by Mr Xi.

This came after a Chinese language newspaper said Mr Xi favoured C.Y. Leung for the top job. But Mr Leung himself said he would not comment on the report. And he said he would continue to secure more support.

Mr Lew is a supporter of C.Y. Leung.

Meanwhile, another local delegate, Samuel Yung, who has nominated Henry Tang, has said it is unnecessary to ask the Central Government who should be the next Chief Executive. And he said he believed it was unlikely that the vice president would issue any voting instructions during tomorrow’s meeting.

Henry Tang himself has said he will not comment on the issue. And he has also sought to clarify his recent criticisms of C.Y. Leung. He had argued that Mr Leung had no experience in dealing with financial crises.

Mr Tang was speaking after attending a public forum with the two other CE candidates discussing environmental issues.

Mr Tang was booed by the audience when he insisted on building incinerators.

The forum was jointly organised by about 20 green groups and it’s the first forum to have all three candidates on the same stage

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