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TTAL too close to CE’s proposed retirement home ?

Clear the Air says:

given the (lack of) forthright answers to Legco given by Chief Executive Donald Tsang on his Tycoon-gate nexus, luxury retirement apartment, overseas business jet flights to Japan and Phuket (including helicopter flight in Phuket), entertainment and lodging on a Hong Kong tobacco tycoon’s yacht etc we must consider other possibilities. The current incinerator which is being railroaded through for installation on an 8 billion dollar man-made island adjoining scenic Shek Kwu Chau begs the question: ‘ did Donald Tsang have a personal reason why he did not want the incinerator built in Tsang Tsui Ash Lagoon area which would be far closer to his proposed retirement home in Shenzhen, or has the Shenzhen EPD been pulling strings through the PRC’s HK Liaison Office ?’

China’s air quality standards are stricter  than the Interim targets intended for Hong Kong, when the Environment Minister Edward Yau finally acts under Section 7 (3) of the Air Pollution Control Ordinance to allow the gazetting into Law of the watered down HK Air Quality Standards. Maybe now Tsang has stated he will ‘give up’ the iffy Shenzhen apartment lease, perhaps we can get real and enact:

-mandatory recycling of all waste at source including private residences and complexes

mandatory Government separated collection of glass, paper, cans, construction and food waste (Municipal Solid Waste)

-erect plasma gasification plants at our three landfills to mine the existing landfills back to their original state

-erect plasma gasification plants to vaporize the resultant reduced MSW per day into reusable syngas that can generate power or be made into aviation jet-fuel

Donald Tsang’s Shenzhen penthouse ignites controversy

Feb 24, 2012 –

Former Hong Kong Chief Executive, Donald Tsang (pictured), has become subject of media interest as his property – a planned retirement home is being scrutinised.

The penthouse apartment was reportedly surveyed by undercover reporters. Upon seeing the property located in Shenzhen, the reporters doubted how Tsang could afford its high rental, considering the modest monthly stipend he will receive after retirement.

In addition, a Shenzhen housing agent claimed that Tsang allegedly received the apartment for free, in opposition to Tsang’s claims that he would rent the property.

According to Ming Pao Daily News, the 6,500 sq ft unit is at least HK$50 million (S$8 million). The unit takes up the 35th to 37th floors of an upscale building located in the Futian District, near the Hong Kongborder.

A South China Morning Post report said that the apartment comprises over a dozen rooms with separate toilets. The master bedroom has an attached bathroom and three coat rooms.

Hong Kong public legislator Lee Tat Wing called on Tsang to answer these allegations, especially on how he expects to pay for the apartment and whether he will pay market rate.

However, Tsang has remained quiet on the issue.
According to the tabloid Apple Daily, the building is owned by Hong Kong businessman Wong Cho Bau’s East Pacific Group. Wong also holds a majority stake in Digital Broadcasting Corporation (DBC), a radio station that started operating last year.

Tsang is said to have suspicious links to Wong and the DBC after he unusually invoked special power waiving the rule that bars a former secretary of education to be appointed as the Chairman of DBC.

Download map : FutianTsangTsui

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