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“However, it is the presence of pollutants in the gases emitted from MSWI

chimneys that attracts most concern, and in particular, the presence of dioxins (Box 3) because

they are suspected of causing cancer and are widely distributed throughout the food chain.

Of other air pollutants, acid gases and particulates, for instance, can harm people with respiratory

illnesses. A report from the Department of Health’s Committee on the Medical Effects of Air

Pollution (COMEAP) concluded that PM10 pollution from all urban sources hastens (‘brings

forward’) 8,100 deaths/yr, and increases or brings forward hospital admissions by 10,500/yr.”

Parliamentary Copyright 2000

The Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology, 7 Millbank,

London SW1P 3JA, tel: [020] 7219 2840.

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