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Legco Papers

Year 2009 – 2010

LC Paper No. Paper Meeting date
CB(1)916/09-10(01) Administration’s paper on rationalization of bus routes to improve air quality 22 January 2010
28 May 2010
12 July 2010
CB(1)2009/09-10(03) Administration’s consultation papers for District Councils on the 2010-2011 Bus Route Development Programme (Chinese version only) 28 May 2010
12 July 2010
CB(1)2009/09-10(02) Administration’s paper on environmental benefits on expedited replacement of franchised buses 28 May 2010
12 July 2010
CB(1)2009/09-10(01) Administration’s paper on results of consultation with District Councils on franchised bus route development programme for 2010-2011 28 May 2010
12 July 2010
CB(1)2454/09-10(01) Administration’s paper on guidelines on franchised bus service rationalisation 12 July 2010
CB(1)2454/09-10(02) Administration’s paper on pilot low emission zones for franchised buses 12 July

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