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Nick Willis Confident Beijing’s Pollution Won’t Be A Problem

Athletics: Nick Willis Confident Beijing’s Pollution Won’t Be A Problem

18-Mar 18:12 – Nick Willis – TV3

One of our big hopes in Beijing is not letting the threat of pollution get to him.

Commonwealth Games 1500 metre gold medallist Nick Willis reckons it will not be such a big problem come the games in August.

He had a leisurely stride-out around Oriental Parade today but by August Nick Willis hopes to be travelling like the Orient Express over 1500 metres in Beijing – where he’s rated a medal contender.

“it has really been in the last three years or so since the world record holder Hicham el Gharrouj retired and since he left everybody thinks they’ve got a chance at winning, the event has real depth – in fact there probably 20 guys who have a chance of medalling in Beijing.”

Willis has an open mind over research into Beijing’s pollution.

“A run for an hour in those conditions is like smoking ten cigarettes – I’m not sure I believe that, it’s a bit of an exaggeration.”

But while the Commonwealth Games gold medallist won’t take any chances, choosing to stay in Hong Kong until just two days before his event, he is confident the Chinese will do their best.

“I think that when it comes down to it china is going to do a miracle and pull out an amazing way to clear up their system when they shut down all their cars and stuff right up to the Games – I mean they’ve got so much riding on this.”

While he is back home, Willis is concentrating on his speed work aiming to improve on his personal best over 100 metres.

While he is not planning a rematch with his good friend Waldrom, Willis plans to run a number of 800 metre races in his build-up to Beijing – but the 1500 will remain his specialist event.

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