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Better Air Quality Engagement

Council for Sustainable Development’s Report on the Better Air Quality Engagement Process

Hong Kong has wrestled with the challenges of development over the years. Transformed from a manufacturing-based city to becoming a provider of the sleek service operations that are now on offer, Hong Kong has been successful in re-inventing itself as the need calls. But the urgency now lies with tackling our air pollution problem.

For many years, the price for Hong Kong’s development has been the environmental impacts caused by our energy consumption and transport usage. Our air quality has steadily declined as a result of the boosted levels of pollutants emitted and the lowered visibility that obscures our world famous landmarks like Victoria Harbour - and our health has suffered as a result.

It is not just our health either; Hong Kong’s image as a modern city is not given credence by the state of our air. Companies are facing problems attracting talent to our shores, the efficiency of our workforce is being affected and our young and vulnerable are facing severe challenges from breathing polluted air. From Government officials to the grassroots, the message has been clear - it is time to act.

This report by the Council for Sustainable Development which represents the fourth stage in its engagement process seeks to bring about a fundamental change in Hong Kong’s approach in tackling air pollution and aims to strengthen the political intent behind the Hong Kong Government’s efforts in this area as well as freeing up much needed resources to resolve this urgent matter.

Working with the Government, business and civil society, the Council is a platform for the views of parties with different interests to converge with the joint aim of resolving Hong Kong’s air quality problem. The Council has carried out one of the most intensive and comprehensive public engagement process in Hong Kong’s history. Over 80,000 people responded to the Council’s call insisting that action be taken to protect the health of Hong Kong’s citizens – on the strength of this number – the Council now believes it has the right to speak out on behalf of the community.

The Council’s report is structured as follows:

  • Background – in which the Council explains the basis for its work and the process through which it engaged over 80,000 stakeholders.
  • The Engagement Process – what the findings showed from the engagement process and what we have learned.
  • Recommendations – the Council provides its recommendations covering the major sectors including power, transport and business and invites the Government to respond.

The records of the written submissions received by the Council during the engagement process can be found on, as part of the Independent Evaluation of Feedback by the Social Sciences Research Centre of the University of Hong Kong.

See the full Council for Sustainable Development’s Report on the Better Air Quality Engagement Process here

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