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Pollution Will Put Off Tourists

Updated on Mar 07, 2008 – SCMP

I think all citizens want to see a green Hong Kong and appreciate that our pollution problems are getting worse.

If we cannot reduce carbon emissions, the number of tourists coming to Hong Kong for holidays will go down. These emissions from cars and buses are creating a serious problem in Hong Kong. In terms of emissions standards in Hong Kong, many buses on our roads only have Euro I, II and III standards, even though the aim is to have Euro IV standards [Euro standards require carmakers to refine engines to minimise sulfur and carbon monoxide emissions]. Some vehicles operate with pre-Euro standards.

Also, we consume an enormous amount of electricity every day. It is produced by power stations, which contribute to the high levels of pollution.

Most people in Hong Kong who have their own vehicles would rather drive than take public transport. Just think about the number of passengers one bus can carry, and consider what effect it would have on our environment if each passenger drove his own car instead.

If we do not address these environmental problems, then pollution in this city will get worse and temperatures will increase.

Konrad Chan, The Peak

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