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Should The Proposed Incinerator Be Built?

Updated on Feb 29, 2008 – SCMP

The government plans to build an incinerator either in Tuen Mun or on Lantau. I appreciate that building an incinerator can help reduce the pressure on Hong Kong’s landfills.

In Tuen Mun, it has been argued, after the treatment of trash at the incinerator, the energy produced could be easily transferred to the power grid.

In spite of all this, I do not support the construction of the incinerator.

I think it will be able to cope with only about one-third of Hong Kong’s trash.

The remainder of the city’s waste will still end up being transported to our landfills.

This may allow us to use the landfills for a longer period, but it does not solve the main problem.

Also, I am concerned that the incinerator may cause pollution which could damage the environment. This would be particularly bad for residents living near the site.

If it was built on Lantau, I am worried about what effect it would have on the surrounding landscape and on marine flora and fauna.

It would cost a lot to build and its annual operating costs would also be expensive.

It could end up being a financial burden for the city’s taxpayers.

The government can learn from Japan and Singapore. Both are making great progress with recycling.

If all of us work together at recycling, this would be far better than having an incinerator.

Ho Mei-ying, Cheung Sha Wan

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