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New Law Could Curb The Idlers

Published in the SCMP on the 10th of October 2007:

New Law Could Curb The Idlers

The reply from the commissioner of police (”Police willing to take action”, October 4) to Gareth Jones (”Idling engines add to pollution”, September 18) misses the point.

Choi Wong Fung-yee states that “Waiting [in certain areas] is allowed provided that the vehicle does not cause an obstruction.” The key is that, as the law currently stands, it is not illegal to leave your vehicle’s engine idling while waiting which means many vehicles are indiscriminately spewing out noxious fumes that add to Hong Kong’s pollution problem.

Perhaps the commissioner of police could tell us why the law still allows for idling engines? As we have proved with Clear The Air’s idling engine street patrols, most drivers are willing to switch off idling engines when reminded.

We have also found a significant number of vehicles that are idling, are also breaking a traffic law such as vacating the vehicle to deliver products, double parking (thus blocking traffic) or parking illegally.

Therefore the police should be more vigilant in regards to idling engines. We need a no-idling engine fixed penalty law enforced by the police to keep our streets safe and our air clean.

Amy Ng, Clear The Air

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