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Pollutant Control Tightened

EPD – 22 May 09

A new law has been gazetted to further control the emissions of volatile organic compounds – a major category of pollutants causing the smog that reduces Hong Kong’s visibility.

The Air Pollution Control (Volatile Organic Compounds) (Amendment) Regulation will extend the existing control on products containing such compounds to vehicle refinishing paints, vessel paints, pleasure-craft paints, adhesives and sealants.

It will ban the import and local manufacture of the newly-regulated products with such compound contents exceeding the prescribed limits.

The Environmental Protection Department said the compounds play a significant role in the formation of ozone and respirable suspended particulates. Hong Kong and Guangdong have a consensus to cut such compounds by 55% by 2010, on the basis of the emissions in 1997.

The department expects a further 700 tonnes of local volatile organic compound emissions will be cut when the extended control is fully implemented.

The law will be tabled at the Legislative Council on May 27 for negative vetting, after which it will be implemented in phases from January 1

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