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January 7th, 2014:

PRWeb: Diesel fuel instead of Landfills

Nashville, Tennessee – Hydrocore, Inc. is contracting with Pilot Travel Centers to purchase diesel fuel produced from an East Tennessee County waste using its proprietary plasma arc gasification technology. Hydrocore’s Elemental Recovery process utilizes the source material to make products and offers any municipality a single source, waste disposal solution.

The Hydrocore Elemental Recovery process addresses the four critical issues of sustainable energy use: climate change, dependence on foreign resources, wealth drain and depletion of fossil fuel resources. The Company has validated its technology over the course of its 12-year history, first at a small-scale (5 tons per day) pilot plant that was sold to Korean Atomic Energy Research Institute in 2000 and in commercial implementations for other industrial clients.

In their first commercial facility called Misty Mountain Resource Recovery (“MMRR”), Hydrocore has contracted with the County to take all their municipal solid waste and to create a reuse and recycling system. Using Hydrocore’s proprietary technology, the MMRR facility will produce diesel fuel that is cost-competitive with petroleum-based products without subsidies. MMRR is permitted by the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation and has begun its Front-End Engineering & Design for the $140 million project.

Hydrocore will provide Pilot Travel Centers approximately 13 million gallons per year of diesel fuel. In addition to the transportation fuel from a proven Gas-to-Liquid (“GTL”) process, the continuous system will recommodify all minerals and metals using its proprietary plasma separation and gasification technology. Hydrocore’s process is enclosed from input waste to output products, which recycles the usual wastes back into the system making any issues with disposal insignificant.

About Hydrocore, Inc.

Hydrocore, Inc., a Nashville, Tennessee clean energy company offers any municipality a single source, waste disposal solution. Hydrocore has developed proprietary technology to process organic and inorganic solids, gases and liquids into clean energy products, fuels and industrial commodities.

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