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Beijing: PM2.5 to be regularly monitored air pollutant

Fri, 2010-09-03

As a subsequent action of the Guidance for Improving Regional Air Quality from State Council (issued on May 11th, reported in No.16 of E-Newsletter), Beijing plans to add fine particles (PM2.5) into regular air quality monitoring system. Besides, Beijing will launch the monitoring of acid rain, O3 and roadside air quality.

According to Yu Jianke, the Deputy Director of Environmental Monitoring Management Division of Beijing EPB, 9 pollutants are being monitored in current monitoring system in China, including Total Suspended Particulates, PM10, PM2.5, SO2, NO2, CO, BaP and lead (Pb). PM10, SO2, NO2 are regular monitoring items (24-h) reported to the public every day. The other pollutants need to be monitored once a quarter at least and will not be reported to the public.

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This information is from the Air Quality, Energy, Transport, and Climate Change in China: CAI-Asia China Project E-Newsletter, Issue No. 26, 2010

(Compiled by Shan HUANG)

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