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More Hong Kong Exhaust Fumes

Updated on Feb 02, 2008 – SCMP

I would like to know what environmental impact studies have been undertaken (and the results) by the Jockey Club, with respect to the proposed redevelopment of the Central Police Station site. Anyone who works or frequents this area can attest to the fact that traffic is already a nightmare. To suggest that a high-rise be built on this site is ludicrous, as the accompanying density in traffic cannot be supported.

In conjunction with this I would also like to ask the police why they fail, day after day, to enforce the no-parking regulations on the south side of Arbuthnot Road, which is next to the Central Police Station site. In spite of the fact that there is no parking permitted, there is an average of around 10 cars parked there every afternoon. Traffic is then reduced to one lane and is backed up in both directions on Arbuthnot Road.

The combination of the idling, illegally parked vehicles and the traffic congestion creates an insufferable wall of exhaust fumes. I routinely call to complain that cars are illegally parked. The only result is that a policeman will sometimes come by and ask the cars to move. They do, and then return to the spot once the officer has left.

Why are summonses not being written? Surely it would deter illegal parking.

Christine Houston, Central

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